learn Mexican slang with Hollywood celebrities

Learn Mexican Slang with Hollywood celebrities

According with the Cambridge Dictionary (2019), slang “is vocabulary that is used between people who belong to the same social group and who know each other well”. In Mexico, slang is not only related to a specific social group, there are some words and expression that almost everyone says because it is considered part of their daily lives and culture.

As you can see, slang is one of the most important elements of the speech in any language because it is the best way to speak as a native and understand the culture. Using Mexican slang will take your knowledge of Spanish from a basic understanding to real world application. In Mexico, people use slang all the time, so it could be nice if you learn some vocabulary in order to you understand what people say, especially if you are traveling to Mexico.

Below you will find some videos that Vanity Fair made with Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and Michael Peña to teach you some Mexican slang. We think you will have fun and learn at the same time. Also, who could resist to be taught Spanish by some Hollywood celebrities?

Please, pay attention to the videos and try to remember their meanings. You will be surprised of some of them!

Learn Mexican slang with Salma, Eva and Michael

What do you think? Did you like to learn Mexican slang? Do you find those meaning crazy? Do you know other Mexican Slang? Please write your comments below.

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