the most common words in spanish

The 50 most common words in Spanish

Every day we use countless words in our native language. So, when we try to learn another language, we usually seek to memorize vocabulary that is similar to the one we use in our daily lives. Sometimes it is possible to find an accurate translation, but in other cases it is not that simple. In this post, you will learn the 50 most common words in Spanish and in English.

To make your learning more accelerated, we invite you to make a list of the words that you use the most in English. Those same words are the ones that you will learn and memorize in Spanish. From our experience, it is difficult to learn words that we do not usually use in our mother tongue. As a result, those words are very easy to forget. 

Learning vocabulary in Spanish is easy because there are no grammatical rules, as in the case of conjugating a verb in Spanish. Unlike English, in Spanish the words by themselves have a specific gender (masculine or feminine). However, in this brief lesson, don’t worry too much about this. Please listen carefully to the pronunciation and repeat as many times necessary.

Please pay attention to the cards below, press the button to hear the pronunciation and turn over the card to see the English translation. Remember to take notes if necessary. Here are the 50 most common words in Spanish.

If you haven’t found the words that you use in your daily basis, please write them in the comments section. In the next post of vocabulary, you will see their translation in Spanish and also their pronunciation.

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