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Tricks to learn Spanish faster and better

When you are starting to learn a new language, sometimes everything seems so confusing and tedious. From the 10 words you learnt in the morning, by the end of the day you only remember 2 or 3, right? This situation causes a lot of stress and disappointment and, sometimes the feeling of giving up. However, there are some strategies that might help you to learn Spanish faster. In this post we will show you 6 tricks to learn Spanish faster and better. If you use these strategies you will get fluency, and also to learn efficiently. 

1. Think why you are learning Spanish (Set your goal) 

When it comes to learning something, it is better if we set a purpose in our learning. Thinking of why we are learning Spanish will give us a path to follow. In this way, learning topics related to your personal goals will help you to feel motivated and continue learning. So, if your goal is to learn Spanish for your career, try to learn grammar and vocabulary according to your profession. On the other hand, if you are learning Spanish for you upcoming trip, focus in the vocabulary and expressions that you might use in your travel. On the contrary, if you are learning Spanish just as a hobby try to seek lessons about specific topics like the family, getting around, daily activities, etc. 

2. Learn the sounds of the Spanish letters and the vowels 

One of the best ways to improve your Spanish is by learning the sounds of the letters and the vowels. The advantage of the Spanish is that the sounds of the letters almost never change. Listening and learning to those ones will help your ear to get accustomed to the sounds and also to predict the pronunciation of new words. This activity will help you to memorise more words. A correct pronunciation also will benefit your spelling and remember the way those words are written. 

3. Think in the words you use every day in your native language

Try to analyse the words you use in your daily life and translate them in Spanish. In some occasions those words or expressions will not have a direct translation, so you will have to find a similar meaning in Spanish. One exercise that will help you to do this is write a list of the most common words you use every day, find and translate them. Even though some teacher say that you have to think in Spanish or the language you are learning, this will be really overwhelming at the beginning, so let’s keep it simple at first. 

4. Listen to as much Spanish as you can 

One effective strategy to learn Spanish in a faster way is to watch movies, TV series or any kind of content in Spanish. If you are planning to watch a movie or series on Netflix, switch the language to Spanish and put English subtitles. In the same way, listening to Spanish music is another way to get familiar to sounds and words. If you are interested, check the lyrics and try to understand the meaning. 

5. Speak with native speakers 

Another way to learn Spanish is by talking with a Spanish native speaker. This will help you to develop a better understanding and comprehension of the grammar and vocabulary. Also, it will give you more confidence. If you know someone who speaks Spanish, try to talk with them and listen the rhythm and their intonation carefully. 

6. Travel to a country that speaks Spanish 

I believe one of the most exciting and helpful ways to learn Spanish faster is visiting a country that speaks Spanish, for example México. Travelling will help you to put in practice everything you have learnt, and at the same time you will enjoy an incredible vacation. At first, this might seem overwhelming and too much, but just remember that the sooner you talk the sooner you will feel confident and start conversing with fluency. Use your vacations to speak Spanish all the time and to connect with locals. 

What do you think about this 6 tricks to learn Spanish faster and better? Did you like them? Do you have another strategy you can share to everyone to learn Spanish faster? Please write your comments below!

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