watch Mexican movies and tv Shows on Netflix
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Watch Mexican movies and TV shows on Netflix

A great way to familiarize yourself with both understanding and hearing Spanish are to watch Mexican movies and TV shows. You can watch the following TV shows and movies on Netflix because they are original content. In order for you to practice and get used to the sounds, words and expressions, set the language to Spanish and use English subtitles.

The team and I have selected some nice shows for you to watch, and we’ve included a brief synopsis. I hope you enjoy.

1. Descenfrenadas (Unstoppable)

This shows tells the story of a group of girlfriends, with very different personalities, who decide to take a vacation to Oaxaca. On this journey they will lose their way, but they will discover themselves and appreciate the importance of their friendship.

2. El Club (The club)

This TV show is about a group of wealthy friends who decide to sell drugs through a mobile application. It all starts as a game to get more money and be independent, but what they don’t know is that they will have to face real narcos.

3. La casa de las flores (The House of Flowers)

This series is a dark comedy that tells the life of a socially perfect family; but in reality, they are not! Throughout 3 seasons, the Mora family shows us the development of their characters and their family, going from being a seemingly perfect family to becoming people with desires, troubles and tribulations like any other person.

4. Club de Cuervos (Club of Crows)

This series was the first Netflix show to be recorded outside of the United States. It is a very intelligent comedy that narrates the life of a Mexican family, who is ready to do anything to fulfill their dream: that their soccer team stay in the first division of the championship. Accompany Isabel and Salvador Iglesias on their journey to take control of their father’s empire, be better brothers and manage to stay in the first division.

5. Made in Mexico

Yes, a reality show…Although the stereotyping of a culture is not a pleasant thing, Made in Mexico recounts, through unsympathetic and unexciting characters, the imperfect life of people who have money in Mexico. A mock drama and exaggeration are the ingredients of this show. This is the show to watch when you have nothing else to watch. Remember that it is only for learning Spanish.

Bonus: Roma

This Oscar awarded movie tells an extraordinary story about one Mexican media-class family that grows under the care of Nanny Cleo in the 70’s. This film reveals how conflicts coexist with everyday life, such as racism, classism, patriarchy and the order of the Mexican homes.

Do not forget to write in the comments if you have watched some of those TV shows and if you did, tell us which words and phrases you did learn. Let’s watch Mexican movies and TV shows to learn and practice Spanish!

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