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Watch Mexican TV shows on Netflix (part 2)

Continuing on our list of Mexican TV shows for you to watch on Netflix. This time we have selected a more varied styles of shows: food, drugs, comedy and soap opera. So, you can learn a wide variety of words, phrases and slang. These are just a few options for you to pick from. There a plenty of other Mexican TV shows and movies to pick from.

6. Las crónicas del taco (The Taco’s Chronicles)

The Taco’s Chronicles narrates, through a few episodes, the diversity of Mexican gastronomy. This mini-series delves into the true definition of Mexican food, and the identity of being Mexican. This documentary is a mix of food, culture and a passion for eating. ¡Provecho! (Enjoy!)

7. Narcos México

Narcos Mexico is the spin-off of Narcos. This series tells the story of the beginning of the Mexican drug war with the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s.

8. La balada de Hugo Sanchez (The Ballad of Hugo Sánchez)

If you liked Club de Cuervos, this is a must see. As the economic situation within the Iglesias family is not the best, Salvador and Isabel want their soccer team to compete in the soccer championship held in Nicaragua to obtain the grand prize and save their family from bankruptcy. Join Hugo on this journey where everything can go wrong!

9. Nailed it México

Well…We already know what this program is about. It is the same as the original Nailed it. Contestants with no talent, or amateurs, will try to recreate original and fun baking recipes.

10. Monarca (Monarch)

This original Netflix TV show is a very good recommendation if you like intrigue, secrets and drama shows (sort of Mexican telenovelas). After their father’s death, the Carranza’s siblings try to take control of their tequila company, which many are trying to destroy.

Please write in the comments if you liked our selection, also let us know which words or phrases you remember from these shows. Remember that watch Mexican TV shows is a nice way to learn vocabulary, phrases and slang. Also, you can fun or at least entertained.

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